AMD Picasso Laser Another laser used at Unity Dental is the revolutionary line of Picasso dental lasers designed by AMD lasers. This high technology device generates a beam of concentrated light for exact precision. The new technology is used when soft tissue needs to be removed and offers a reduction in patient discomfort compared to using a scalpel.

LANAP is an acronym that stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It has revolutionized the treatment of gum disease by combining the most effective and established methods of treatment with the precision use of a special laser. Although as much as 66% of the adult population has some form of gum disease, many avoid seeking treatment because of their aversion to the discomfort that often results from dental surgery. LANAP is changing this, by providing an alternative to traditional periodontal surgery that is every bit as effective and much more beneficial to the patient, both in the short term and in the long run.

LANAP itself consists of simple steps that are much less traumatic to the teeth and gumline than traditional gum surgery and which help the mouth heal much more quickly.

  • A. A perio probe determines the degree of excessive pocket depth and thus helps the dentist better identify diseased tissue and areas of bacterial infection.
  • B. The laser then removes this diseased tissue, while the heat of the laser kills the bacteria.
  • C. The dentist removes tartar from the root surface using an ultrasonic scaler and special hand instruments
  • D. The laser is then used to clean the pocket one more time.
  • E. The gum is sealed closed to prevent further infection.
  • F. Any occlual interferences [high biting spots] are smoothed down to create even force on the tooth.
  • G. Allowing the bone to regenerate and the periodontal ligament to re-attach to the tooth!