DIABETES IS VERY COMMON and can be difficult to manage and also increase a person’s risk for oral health problems such as gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis).

Regardless of whether you are diabetic or not it is important for EVERYONE to understand the relationship between diabetes and gum disease to help those we know and love be more informed.

Diabetes Can Make A Person Twice As Likely To Develop Gum Disease
Diabetes lowers a person’s ability to fight infection in his or her mouth and gums, which is essentially what gum disease is—infection caused by excessive bacteria around the gum line and in the mouth.

What’s more, DIABETES and GUM DISEASES exacerbate ONE ANOTHER. Hence gum disease can further increase risks for diabetic-related problems—like kidney disease, heart disease and stroke. And just like other infections, it can cause blood sugar levels to rise.

Tips For Diabetic Patients:
· First, be active, eat right, and keep your diabetes under control.
· Brush at least twice a day, and floss or use interdental brushes once a day.
· Let UNITY DENTAL know of your diabetes and other medical conditions
· Don’t smoke

Just like diabetes it is easier to manage gum disease if you catch it early. So if you notice these early signs, talk to our staff at UNITY DENTAL.
· swollen, red, or tender or bleeding gums
· a change in your bite
· receding gums and associated sensitivity